Following on from the first question of ‘which is the book you’ve read the most number of times?’ that I selected from Becky’s at Blogs-Of-A-Bookaholic 30 Day Book Challenge list, the second that I chose is who is your favourite author?

Again, this is an easy question as my all time favourite author is John Grisham. Grisham is the king of the legal thriller having written 23 bestsellers.

His books are always fast paced, exciting and real page turners and I can never put them down. I know I’ll pick up a Grisham and instantly love it.

It’s hard to pin down a favourite because I love them all (well 99%, took a dislike to Theo Boone #2) but I think my favourite Grisham novel was The Chamber – I find the death penalty argument really interesting. Although I do love the movie adaptation of A Time to Kill and can’t wait for the October release of the sequel to the book; Sycamore Row.


My book shelf looks something like this

If you like legal or crime thrillers and have never read a Grisham, you really don’t know what your missing!

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