When I started my blog, way back when, it was only ever meant to be a book review blog.  A place to share thoughts and vent, with never any expectation that other people would ever actually read what I’d written.

I came upon the name Bookboodle by using one of these random name generator websites and, so far, it’s stuck across all my social media sites too.

However, I’ve extended my blog posts to include baking, national trust visits and life in general posts, which all have been ticking along quite nicely.  And now I have a new hobby of knitting so will be posting about that too.

I recently blogged about having (or more pointedly not having) Pinterest or Instagram (you can see that post here).  I’m not going to bother with Pinterest but am 75% sure I’m going to have a go at Instagram.  But before I register for an account, do I change my blog name, keep it as it is, should Instagram be in my name or the blog’s? What does everyone else do?

So my question today is, does it still matter that my blog is called Bookboodle – should I change it to more about me and my name or something else personal?  Does it really matter, does anyone really care apart from me?

Would welcome your thoughts! 🙂