Book Review: The Long Fall by Julia Crouch

What’s it about?

How far would you go to protect your secrets?

Greece, 1980

Emma takes part in a shattering, violent event. An event to which she is anything but an innocent bystander.
She is only eighteen, but this marks her fall from innocence.
It will haunt her for the rest of her life.

London, now

Kate has the perfect existence: a glossy image, a glamorous home, a perfect family.
But there are cracks.
All is not what it seems.

And now the two worlds are about to collide.
Somebody’s out for revenge.
Someone who has been waiting thirty years…


My thoughts

This book had been on my TBR shelf for so long, I’d actually received it as an ARC but it was actually published in 2014 – I’m so sorry publishers!

Well I’m glad I finally got round to reading this because it did make for a good yarn despite some of it being a little too far-fetched that I had to suspend belief…quite a lot.  The start of the story told through Emma’s journals is a different way to tell the story although I thought it questionable as to whether this would happen but I went with it.  She’s naive and her actions and decisions are a bit daft, as are some of the other characters, but who knows what we’d do as ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances but I guess that makes for a good story even if you can’t picture yourself in it.

I didn’t really know why the main character, Kate, has to have the drink problem though, I don’t think it added to the story or made her more likeable/unlikable, it just made her a lush female lead.

With a lot of the book set in Greece, it’s an enviable setting, and the descriptions of the heat and dust almost made me want to take a shower let alone the characters – you could believe that the author may have actually been there!

I’m not usually that great at figuring how the who’s and why’s and wherefore’s but I did actually manage to piece most of this story together and although the book had a decent ending that I didn’t predict the reasoning behind the whole thing was a bit weak.

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Small print for info
Source: ARC – many thanks!
No of pages: 400
Publisher: Headline

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