Book Review: The Ice Beneath Her by Camilla Grebe

What’s it about?

A young woman is found beheaded in an infamous business tycoon’s marble-lined hallway.

The businessman, scandal-ridden CEO of the retail chain Clothes & More, is missing without a trace.

But who is the dead woman? And who is the brutal killer who wielded the machete?

Rewind two months earlier to meet Emma Bohman, a sales assistant for Clothes & More, whose life is turned upside down by a chance encounter with Jesper Orre. Insisting that their love affair is kept secret, he shakes Emma’s world a second time when he suddenly leaves her with no explanation.

As frightening things begin to happen to Emma, she suspects Jesper is responsible.
But why does he want to hurt her? And how far would he go to silence his secret lover?

My thoughts

This was our book club read for May and one I was really looking forward to.  The book is marketed as “for fans of I Let You Go” which I loved so of course I had high hopes because when books are compared to or billed as for fans of blah blah blah they don’t always live up to your expectations do they but I’m pleased to say this one did.

Told from three points of view by Emma, Peter and Hanne: Emma a store assistant hiding a secret relationship, Peter an aging police detective with a shitty homelife and zero relationship with his son and Hanne a police advisor, Peter’s jilted lover and wife of an emotional abuser. Plenty to get your teeth into this mystery!

As with murder and crime novels there are scenes of a violent nature which might not suit all readers particularly the scenes of decapitation.  They made me wince but didn’t stop me reading.  It’s reminiscent of the Scandi Noir stuff that has been really popular on TV just lately particularly with the cold freezing dark setting which is enough to chill your bones without any creepy murders.

What really did it for me was what I didn’t see coming and not just because I never pick up on the clues but because the outcome was something I’d never read before in books of this nature – so top marks for this! 🙂

However, the ending was somewhat of an anti-climax given that the rest of the book was quite fast paced and gripping.  As a group we thought the last two chapters would have been better swapped around.  But overall, it’s a really impressive crime procedural debut that would suit fans of The Girl on the Train and Gone Girl.  A solid 4* read for me!

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No of pages: 400
Publisher: Zaffre


  1. 26th June 2017 / 10:38 am

    Fab review! I loved this book and how the author had intertwined the characters’ personal lives into the investigation. It was also a cover love, I admit! I winced at the decapitation too! :p I remember also loving the author’s attention to details about forensics!

  2. 2nd July 2017 / 5:23 pm

    Thanks Meggy (not sure I’ll ever get used to you not being Donna!)
    Yeah there were some pretty gross bits but such a good book! 🙂

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