Book Review: An Unfamiliar Murder by Jane Isaac

An Unfamiliar MurderWhat’s it about?

Arriving home from a routine day at work, Anna Cottrell has no idea that her life is about to change forever. But discovering the stabbed body of a stranger in her flat, then becoming prime suspect in a murder enquiry is only the beginning. Her persistent claims of innocence start to crumble when new evidence links her irrevocably with the victim…

Leading her first murder enquiry, DCI Helen Lavery unravels a trail of deception, family secrets and betrayal. When people close to the Cottrell family start to disappear, Lavery is forced into a race against time. Can she catch the killer before he executes his ultimate victim?

My thoughts

I met Jane at an author/blogger meet up in Birmingham in April and I’ve finally got around to reading her book that she offered me for review.

This is the first in the series of detective novels starring DCI Helen Lavery and it’s a cracker of an opener with the first chapter having me assuming something completely different in its plot.

This book is stuffed with family secrets, plenty of suspects and those ‘don’t go there on your own moments’ I this read quickly over a weekend as I was so engrossed from the beginning to end.

I liked Helen Lavery’s character; her feistiness and self-belief in trying to prove herself worthy of running the investigation even when others seemed to be out to take her down and I was pleased to read that yes, she has family dramas like the rest of us that weren’t extremely unbelievable but also that she wasn’t a total lush with a drink problem (…see other female lead detectives novels I’ve read lately!).

There seemed to be a small issue with the proofing as I noticed some typos if you like, and instances where incorrect words were used.  I suspect these may have been ironed out since re-publication.

Overall, a promising start and I only understood the significance of the title once finished. I’d recommend to crime thriller readers and in particular those who enjoyed The Girl in the Ice.  Would I continue with the series? Yes.

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  1. 2nd August 2016 / 11:55 am

    Thanks for the review, going to give this one a go!! 🙂

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