Book Review: A Husband’s Confession by Zoë Miller

ahusbandsconfessionWhat’s it about?

When Ali met Max in the summer of 1990, he turned her empty life around and filled it with love. Now, years on, Ali’s greatest fear is that her happiness and contentment might be taken away from her. But just as Max’s star is rising, unsettling incidents at their artisan bakery in Dublin’s creative quarter threaten to damage the reputation of the bakery.

Finn and Jo were running away from heartache when they met in Australia over 20 years ago. But now Finn is in shock after the demise of his gritty role in a popular television crime drama, and Jo fears for him and their marriage. Then an accident on a Saturday night has devastating consequences for both families, tearing their lives apart in ways they never imagined.

My thoughts

The book starts with a prologue involving a hit and run of a young woman and I thought this is starting off really good, what a great start. So it’s a shame that the rest of the story didn’t pan out that way for me.

In essence the book is all about appearances and things not being so rosy on the inside as everything appears on the outside because of twisted family lives and their secrets.

One of the main plotlines is set against a 9/11 backdrop and was used as some kind of justification for certain character’s actions which I was unsure of as I was reading. But as I’m sitting here writing this..actually, you know, I didn’t like that. Thousands of people died that day and I wasn’t keen on that being used as a reason, an excuse to cheat but others may hold a different perspective on that but it irritated me.

In all honesty, I just got bored of all the perfect family talk and the perfect relationship, it was just too over the top, ok I get it, they’re in love but how many times does it have to be repeated. The mystery surrounding the hit and run was far more interesting and I felt this could have been a much better story had the rest not been so overly schmaltzy but then once the truth was truth was out it just felt watered down and disappointing.  I didn’t like the fact that characters accepted what their partners had done just to keep face and lifestyles.

Oh well, you can’t like everything you read! If you liked The Accident by C.L Taylor then this might be for you.

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7 thoughts on “Book Review: A Husband’s Confession by Zoë Miller

  1. cosmochicklitan says:

    It certainly does sound like an interesting one. Saying that, I recently read a few books I really liked the sound of from the back cover, but they then didn’t live up to my expectations at all. Thank you for linking your review to #TalkoftheTown.

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