My month in books – January

With a Goodreads reading challenge of 80 books set for this year I’m off to a great start in January and so far am ahead of target. Who knows how long I’m going to be able to sustain this for but I’ll give it a really good go.

I’m still trying to reduce the amount of books that I’ve requested from publishers (perhaps if I stopped requesting books via Netgalley & Bookbridgr I’d be in with a better chance!). This month I’ve read 3, so continuing the effort at reducing the review pile to enable me to get onto my own books that I’ve had for donkeys ages.

How are you getting on with your Goodreads or other reading challenges?

Books read: 8

The Life I Left Behindthe teashop on the cornerthe-rose-petal-beachA Single Breaththe-liars-chair




Summer of the DeadAnd There Were NoneHoly Cow


Books added to the TBR: 4

Second LifeHausfrauThe MiniaturistThe-Ship

Currently reading: The Undertaker’s Daughter by Kate Mayfield

Favourite book for January: I can’t decide between The Teashop on the Corner, Holy Cow and Then There Were None – have read some good books this month and am spoilt for a favourite!


7 thoughts on “My month in books – January

  1. Rebecca Bradley says:

    I’m well ahead of schedule on my Goodreads challenge. But as you say, you need some in the bank for times when you can’t read as much. I am also trying to not request books from NetGalley but that’s not going well! Looks as though you’ve had a great month. Here’s to February. Already!

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      • Rebecca Bradley says:

        That’s the problem with Netgalley, so many current books but I also have library books and books stacking up on my kindle, neither of which are current but that I do want to read. I wish I could read faster. And still enjoy the book.


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