Book Review: The Life I Left Behind by Colette McBeth

The Life I Left BehindWhat’s it about?

She’s dead but she’s the only one who knows what really happened;

What your friends have said.

What the police missed.

Who attacked you.

So if you want the truth who else are you going to turn to?


My thoughts

Having read Colette McBeth’s debut novel Precious Thing which I really enjoyed, I had high hopes for her second novel and am pleased to say I wasn’t disappointed.

In alternating chapters we hear from 3 different women: Eve, Melody and Victoria.

Eve; who we learn is dead and a murder victim but is helping the reader to uncover what really happened. This sounds really weird I know, a story told by a dead person but it isn’t one of those typical ghost stories. I suppose you could compare to The Lovely Bones but I’ve not read the book, just seen the film but it has the similarity of a dead narrator.

Then there’s Melody; who had been attacked and left for dead and is quite obviously still recovering from the ordeal six years later; dealing with the demons which still affects her everyday life.

And Victoria – DI Rutter the investigating officer who isn’t prepared to take the easy option and accept that it was the same perpertrator.

With Eve’s research files, Melody and Victoria try to piece it all together, who really ‘dunnit’ and hopefully before its too late.  Generally I find with whodunnits it’s a character known to the victim, rarely is it someone we don’t know of so this left me with 3 suspects which I think was the author’s intention.

A great read and an impressive follow up to Precious Thing which gave me a couple of late nights – so cliche but it was a page turning read which lead to a dramatic and climatic ending!

Many thanks to Headline for sending me an ARC via Bookbridgr.

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