My month in books – September

Two of the books I’ve read this month have been in my TBR pile for well over 6 months if not longer; these being Apple Tree Yard and Someone Else’s Skin. I’m sure all us book bloggers have the same problem: we get sent books, we request books, we’re given books and sometimes we even buy books and then if you’re like me you put them straight on the book shelf where they don’t see the light of day for about….mmm six months or longer. So this month, I guilt tripped myself into picking a couple of the older ones (should probably do this more often!)

Have you read a book this month that’s been on your shelf for quite a while?

Books read: Only 4! What have I been doing??

Apple Tree YardMrs HemingwayNo Safe HouseSomeoneElsesSkin

Books added to the TBR:

The Prophecy of BeesThe Invention of Wings

Currently reading: Dear Thing by Julie Cohen

Favourite book for September: Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty


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