Book Review: Fall from Grace by Tim Weaver

Happy publication day to Tim Weaver for the fifth in the David Raker series, Fall from Grace. Check out my thoughts below.

Fall from GraceWhat’s it about?


When Leonard Franks and his wife Ellie leave London for their dream retirement in the seclusion of Dartmoor, everything seems perfect. But then their new life is shattered. Leonard heads outside to fetch firewood from the back of the house – and never returns.


Nine months later, with the police investigation at a dead end, Leonard’s family turn to David Raker – a missing persons investigator with a gift for finding the lost. But nothing can prepare Raker for what he’s about to uncover.


Because, at the heart of this disappearance lies a devastating secret. And by the time Raker realises what it is, and how deep the lies go, it’s not just him in danger – it’s everyone he cares about.

My thoughts

This is the first book I’ve read of Tim Weaver’s even though I have Never Coming Back on the bookshelf.  For those of you that have also not read Tim Weaver before, the protagonist David Raker is a private investigator who finds missing people – whether they want to be found or not it seems from this installment. This being book 5 in the series. I didn’t feel that I was at a loss reading number 5 in the series first, it can easily be read as a standalone but I appreciate you’d get more of a background if you started at the beginning.

“I didn’t do this job to make friends, I did it in order to bring home the missing”

Set in London and Devon, the investigation is interspersed with these psychiatric visits/evaluations going back a few years that are told in the third person. This all seemed a bit random at the beginning and unrelated but obviously the more I read the more that’s revealed and you have to try and piece together how it all fits into the investigation in the present.

As Raker is drawn deeper into the investigation, more secrets are unravelled and you begin to realise everything is not as it seems. I liked how its told in the first person, how we get right inside Raker’s head and we’re right there working out the clues along with him.

This book has all the elements required for a really gripping crime novel – murder, kidnapping, break-ins and a really creepy mental institution which just happens to be on an island just off the coast which couldn’t be any more haunting or sinister!

And just when you think it’s all wrapped up and concluded nicely, wham! you get hit with another twist, bloody brilliant and then it’s all cleverly set up for the next book/investigation. Overall, I found this to be a heart in mouth tense novel and with the situations Raker puts himself in to get to the truth it will have your heart pounding and your hands sweating!

Thanks to Penguin for approving me for a copy via Netgalley.

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