My month in books – July

This month I’ve tried to tackle the larger reads on my TBR pile so that’s why I’ve read less than normal. I’ve been putting 3 of them off for a long time. I’ve looked at them and thought if I read these, that means less books read and so less blog content. I then thought about this and had a bit of a wake up call – I blog because I read, I don’t read so I can blog. The blogging is the extra part, the bonus, the reading is what it’s all about and sometimes I think us book reviewers and bloggers can lose sight of that and put ourselves under too much pressure that it takes away the actual joy of reading.

Books read:4

A Time to Kill

720 pages

Sycamore Row

528 pages


461 pages

Mad About the Boy

386 pages







Books added to the TBR:


Currently reading: Just started The Lemon Grove by Helen Walsh

Favourite book for July: A Time to Kill by John Grisham

What’s been your longest read this month?

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