Book Review: Nantucket Sisters by Nancy Thayer

nantucket sistersWhat’s it about?

When Maggie McIntyre and Emily Porter first meet as young girls on a Nantucket beach, they form an instant bond. Though they are from different worlds, their many summers spent together cement a lasting friendship.

Now in their twenties, Maggie and Emily remain close, though their lives have drifted. Until, that is, the charismatic Cameron Chadwick bursts onto the scene and their friendship faces a test that could shatter it beyond repair.

As the young women each fall under the spell of the dashing newcomer, they must confront the choices they make, the secrets they keep, and the futures they dream of. Can they find the love they desire without losing each other?

My thoughts

Not having read any Nancy Thayer books before I didn’t really have any expectations, but was pleasantly surprised that I did enjoy this novel.

I actually knew I was going to enjoy the book when we find out that one of the two main characters Maggie is a total bookworm.

Sometimes Maggie thinks that books are her best friend, her truest, most reliable friend.”

I absolutely adored the Beaches movie and this book is so reminisent of it. The innocent childhood friendship which grows into the complicated adult relationship but ultimately both women are there for each other when needed.

These were all I could visualise when reading about the girls…I’m actually watching the movie for inspiration as I write this review!


I preferred Maggie and Emily’s developing relationship when they were younger, there was the money issue hanging over them but as children it didn’t seem as important to their friendship. It became very strained as they got older and they grew apart which I suppose is true to life, these things happen and you don’t make the effort to keep in touch. But at least they manage to regain what they once had.

The book’s separated into several parts which kept it moving at a good pace although I did find the descriptions of Nantucket and how the main characters loved the island so much a little repetitive at times.

Not entirely sure that the ending was believable with no-one questionning Maggie’s daughter’s parentage but hey ho anything goes in fiction.

Overall, a heart-warming tale of friendship that tests the strength of time and circumstance but does lack any real depth. We never really know or understand why certain characters do the things they do but a lovely light read for the summer nonetheless, lots of beach scenes that’ll make you wish you were there!

Many thanks to the publisher Headline / Bookbridgr for sending me a copy for review.

p.s did anyone else have a copy where the characters names in the blurb on the back of the book were different to those inside? I mentioned to publisher as I thought I must have an ARC but apparently not.

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