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Fifteen-year-old Jade Flynn and three other girls were the sole occupants of the fourth floor of St Nicholas Care Home for Children. They were forced to take part in ‘special community projects’ – drug dealing, money laundering, gun running. Required to work for a man they called The Geezer. Until a shocking event made them rebel. Steal something that wasn’t theirs.

So they ran. Disappeared.

10 YEARS LATER . . .

Jade Flynn is now living a respectable life as Jackie Jarvis and is getting married. She invites her three best friends to be her maids of honour. But someone else turns up as well – The Geezer. He’ll kill them, unless they do one last job for him, then they can return to their normal lives. But can they trust him?

This time if they disappear they won’t be coming back . . .

My thoughts

So this book was next up in my World Book Night reading challenge and was definitely one I wouldn’t have picked for myself as I didn’t find the title or cover that appealing (never judge a book and all that….).

“Any woman who’s got balls bigger than a bloke is a Geezer Girl”

East London Saying

The first thing to say about this is that it’s not for the faint hearted, there are some quite difficult scenes to read and with subject matters of child abuse, drug smuggling, trafficking, torture and gangland violence it was never going to be a light hearted easy read.

Narrated in the third person the book is split into 3 parts: firstly when the girls are 15 years old and how they end up in care and what they’re expected to do. The next part is 10 years later when Jackie is preparing for her wedding and also living with the consequences of their pasts. During this part the girl’s change their names and identities and on one page during part one, one of the main characters was being called by her later name (obviously a typo) but it did confuse me at the time. The last part finishes everything off quite nicely – nothing is left hanging.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the characters, the mothers or the daughters. They’re not exactly relatable being involved in the care system, drug smuggling etc but they still have something that engages you in their story and makes you care what happens to them.

The actual story itself I really enjoyed, it’s full of twists and turns with parts that had me on the edge of my seat eagerly wanting to find out what happened next; however some parts made me feel sick if I’m honest!

If you love gangster, vengeance, vigilantism and crime novels then this is for you. But as this isn’t something I’d normally read I’m not really sure what other authors this is similar too. I would think if you like stuff like Reservoir Dogs and Spooks, you’ll like this! There is also a follow on book called Gangster Girl which is the story of one of the minor characters of this novel.

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