Book Review: The Paris Lawyer by Sylvie Granotier

The Paris LawyerWhat’s it about?

As a child, Catherine Monsigny was the only witness to her mother’s death. Twenty years later as an ambitious attorney in contemporary Paris, she catches a professional break when her boss assigns her to major felony case in rural France.

An immigrant stands accused of poisoning her husband, but her secrets are not the only ones hidden in the scenic rolling hills of Creuse. While preparing the defense, Catherine is reunited with images of own past and a high-intensity search for two murderers ensues. Who can she believe? And what will Catherine do with her past should she discover it?

My thoughts

This book really appealed being a murder mystery and a legal thriller so many thanks to netgalley for sending me a copy.

As the blurb suggests we are reading about 2 murder mysteries; the protagonist’s Catherine’s mother and an immigrant’s husband. From the first few chapters I found it quite slow, repetitive and just hard to get to grips with. I persevered as I felt there was a good story to tell but it didn’t grab me and I often felt confused and a bit mixed up, this may be more to do with the translation than the actual original story.

The timeline drifts back and forth between Catherine’s memories of her mother and her murder interspersed with Catherine’s present day investigation.  I normally like books like this with a dual time aspect but in this book I don’t think it added anything, it just added confusion and I did feel that Catherine kind of stumbled across her mother’s fate quite by accident and wasn’t really down to any detective skills.

Catherine’s complicated personal relationships with her father, Cedric and Olivier is a tangled web but I didn’t feel any compassion or feeling for any of these characters. They all seemed to have their own agenda and out for themselves except maybe Olivier – another potential love interest for Catherine who seemed quite decent and genuine.

As it’s a translated version there are some minor typo’s and grammatical issues which don’t help.

I’m normally a fan of murder mysteries as you know but I think there are better ones out there than this.  If you can persevere with it it has a really good twist thriller-ish ending but it’s a shame that it hadn’t really built up all the way through. If you read The Detective’s Daughter by Lesley Thompson you might like this. Unfortunately it left me a bit cold and will be easily forgettable.

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