Book Review: Four Warned by Jeffrey Archer

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These four short stories from a master storyteller are packed full of twists and turns.

In Stuck on You, Jeremy finds out exactly the best way to steal the perfect ring for his fiancée.

Albert celebrates his 100th birthday, and is pleased to be sent The Queen’s Birthday Telegram. He is, however, confused . . .

In Russia, businessman Richard plots the ideal way to murder his wife. He begins to have a clever idea when his hotel warns him: Don’t Drink the Water from the taps.

And as Diana, a busy single mother, drives to have dinner with friends, she realises that a black van is following her. Soon terrified for her life, she does whatever it takes to stick to the warning given to drivers: Never Stop on the Motorway . . .

Every reader will have their favourite story – some will make you laugh, others will bring you to tears. And, as always, every one of them will keep you spellbound.

My thoughts

I downloaded this from Amazon for my World Book Night reading challenge for the bargain price of 89p! At the time of writing this post it’s 59p! Grab yourself a bargain my book friends.

The four short stories included in this quick read are Never Stop on the Motorway, The Queen’s Birthday Telegram, Stuck On You and Don’t Drink the Water and from the first few pages I was gripped and really enjoyed all four.

However, my favourite two were Never Stop on the Motorway and Don’t Drink the Water as these both created a huge amount of tension in such a short space of time that continued beginning to end. I guessed what was happening in Don’t Stop and it felt very familiar. I know I haven’t read this story before so maybe something similar has been used in TV or film somewhere (read and let me know if you think the same) bu that didn’t stop the sweaty palm situation as I was reading!

They are very different stories with very different themes but what they do have in common is that they’re all well paced and all have a really good twist at the end. I would definitely recommend and would like to read more from Jeffrey Archer.

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