Book Review: The Detective’s Daughter by Lesley Thomson

The Detective's DaughterWhat’s it about?

Kate Rokesmith’s decision to go to the river changed the lives of many.

Her murder shocked the nation. Her husband, never charged, moved abroad under a cloud of suspicion. Her son, just four years old, grew up in a loveless boarding school. And Detective Inspector Darnell, vowing to leave no stone unturned in the search for her killer, began to lose his only daughter. The young Stella Darnell grew to resent the dead Kate Rokesmith.

Now, thirty years later, Stella is dutifully sorting through her father’s attic after his sudden death. The Rokesmith case papers are in a corner, gathering dust: DI Darnell must have copied them when he retired from the force. Stella knows she should destroy them. Instead, she opens the box, and starts to read…

My thoughts

Initially it took me a while to get into this and a couple of times I did think to give up on it but I persevered and in the end I actually think it was quite a good book.

Its told from 3 different perspectives; Stella, Jack and Kate Rokesmith’s murderer which gives a real insight into all the characters and why they are the way are!  Stella, I found to be quite a cold character. I could empathise with her in terms of her feelings towards her father and I suppose the plot wouldn’t have worked if they weren’t estranged, but I don’t think she’s easy to like. Jack’s a bit of an odd one but in a strange way is more likeable than Stella. But it’s the end goal that they’re both working towards that keeps you engaged.

The story flips back and forth between the present day and the time of the murder which enables you to pick up more clues and piece things together. There’s lots of twists and turns and will keep you guessing (if you can stick with it). I did work out who the murderer was from something that was said and not picked up on by Stella but missed another twist at the end.

Now, this novel is set in London but again there are some Americanisms; the use of subway, z instead of s, I do wish publisher’s would sort this out or is it just becoming the norm and something I should accept and not pick up on?

Overall a thrilling read for fans of a good mystery and crime fiction.

Oh…p.s may be a good idea not to read late at night, there’s some really quite creepy stalking moments that gave me goosebumps!

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