Book Review: A Dreadful Murder; The Mysterious Death of Caroline Luard by Minette Walters

A Dreadful MurderWhat’s it about?

A body is found in the woods …Based on the true story of the shocking murder of Mrs Caroline Luard, which took place in Kent in August 1908. Caroline Luard is shot dead in broad daylight in the grounds of a large country estate.

With few clues available, her husband soon becomes the suspect …But is he guilty?

Bringing to life the people involved in this terrible crime, in A Dreadful Murder bestselling author Minette Walters uses modern detective skills to attempt to solve a 100-year-old crime.

My thoughts

This is one of the ‘Quick Reads’ range and is a good intro to crime fiction without being too blood thirsty.

It’s quite factual, there isn’t much in the terms of a story but more of a factual retelling of what the police knew then and what Minette Walters interpreted as happening and has seemingly embellished on.

I’m also not quite sure what the ‘modern detective skills’ were, there didn’t seem to be anything amazing or outstanding with the techniques used, other than the introduction of ballistics which I found quite interesting. I did have to go away and Google the apparent gunsmith expert (Edwin Churchill) and it transpires he was a real person!

I was disappointed that this account couldn’t definitively tell us who the murderer or murderers were but it gave us a pretty good idea. I thought it was cleverly drafted from the point of that we don’t know where the truth ended and the fiction began. It wasn’t disjointed in any way.

Overall, an interesting read that’ll only take an hour or so at the most. Read if you’re interested in historical crime novels.

Available from Amazon A Dreadful Murder: The Mysterious Death of Caroline Luard

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