Book Review: Sophie’s Turn (Rock Star Romance #1) by Nicky Wells

Sophie's TurnWhat’s it about?

Slapper? Slut? Adulteress? Sophie Penhalligan’s life and moral universe is turned upside down when rock star Dan proposes to her in full knowledge that she is already engaged. She has always loved Dan, in a remote-crush kind of way. She thinks she loves her fiancé, Tim. What is she to do?

It’s all happening because her past has come to tempt her. Nine years ago, she met her teenage idol and rock star extraordinaire, Dan Hunter, up close and personal. Well, almost!

Now Dan has crash-landed back in her life just as Sophie is happily embroiled in a relationship with Tim, her boyfriend of two years. Until recently, she was confident Tim would eventually propose. But while his persistent inaction is beginning to cast a cloud over their relationship, Dan’s sudden reappearance poses a whole new dilemma.

Having accompanied Dan’s band to Paris, Sophie suddenly finds herself engaged to Dan while her erstwhile fiancé Tim is… well, doing whatever it is Tim does back in London. Torn between the dream-come-true and the sensible-thing-to-do, Sophie concludes her inadvertent journey of self-discovery with an ending that surprises herself, and everyone around her.

Sophie’s Turn is a glamorous contemporary fairy tale that will make chick-lit and romance lovers laugh, cry and rock along every step of the way.

My thoughts

Nicky Wells is signed to Sapphire Star Publishing and this is the first novel in the Rock Star romance trilogy.

Oh my god didn’t we all dream about this kind of thing happening to us when we were young. I’m sure we’ve all fantasised about some boy band or other (not going to admit mine was New Kids on the Block!!) and what we would do if we ever met them!

Sophie reminds me of Bridget Jones – quite ditzy but completely lovable and I’m pretty sure we’ve probably done some of the things she has and if you’ve ever had one of these celebrity crushes then you might see some of yourself in Sophie!

I like the fact that it was written in the first person, from Sophie’s point of view, we were totally in her head the whole time as she agonised over her relationships with Dan and Tim.

I didn’t like Tim’s character for the way that he treated Sophie and spoke to her , I appreciate this doesn’t justify cheating though but…it’s one of those moral dilemma’s – what would we do in her shoes? You’re faced with the guy you’ve fancied for years and he’s there right in front of you offering you the moon, who could honestly say they’d turn him down??

OK so you could say it’s a bit unbelievable, the whole girl-next-door being swept off her feet into this glamourous and rich lifestyle…but hey it’s a good fun read and we can all dream right 🙂

It has a satisfying ending with I think the right choices made for Sophie at that time – but let’s face it, there’s 2 more books so things must continue…..roll on book 2 Sophie’s Run!

Many thanks to Nicky for sending me a copy to review.

Available from Amazon Sophie’s Turn (The Rock Star Romance)

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  1. 27th July 2013 / 4:50 pm

    Hi Lindsay, thank you so much for your lovely thoughts on Sophie’s Turn. You put a big smile on my face and I’m glad you enjoyed meeting Sophie and Dan!!! 🙂 Rock on!

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