Book Review: The Ghost Writer by Ryan Thomas

The Ghost WriterWhat’s it about?

The modern day celebrity autobiography – fact or fiction? I think we all know the answer to that one…

Britain’s Allegedly Got Talent winner, Don Diamond, has just completed his first sell-out nationwide tour of the UK. His first CD – ‘Intimate Moments’ is due for imminent release, and his agent, Harry King, has called Don to his suite of offices in London to discuss ‘the’ big money spinner – the celebrity autobiography.

As ghost writer Maurice ‘Mo’ Greenberg shapes Don’s new life story Don becomes increasingly uneasy with the new world he has found himself in. A world where nothing is taboo and where book sales are all that matter – and who cares about the truth anyway when there’s money to be made?

My thoughts

First time I’ve read a short story so wasn’t sure how short, short is… Anyway, took me about 10 minutes to read so even if you don’t like it’s not going to last long. So here’s a short blog on a short story…

This short story is a satirical and extremely cynical look at the celebrity autobiography and how they may not be all they appear.

It’s harsh, the topics discussed are belittled and made to seem unimportant and there for entertainments sake to make money and therefore may offend. So if you’re easily offended on issues such as homosexuality, paedophilia, drugs, mental health or eating disorders to name but a few then don’t read this.

It’s short, it’s witty, a little bit funny and very wrong but worth a look over a cuppa!

Available from Amazon for Kindle The Ghost Writer

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  1. 15th July 2013 / 12:09 am

    Hey! I’m on BOOKBOODLE! Thank you for reviewing my short story.

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