Tackling A Classic

Would anyone else like to join in?

Open Book Journeys

Lindsay at bookboodle posed an interesting question on her blog. Are classic novels a thing of the past and who actually bothers reading them anymore?

As many of you will know, I created my Classic Reading List a while ago. I always got the impression that classics were widely consumed and I’ve had many odd looks over the years when I confess that I haven’t read great works of literature. Lindsay made me realise that perhaps people don’t bother with classics as much as I thought. Perhaps they are often quoted and talked about but aren’t actually picked up that often? That still hasn’t swayed my determination. I still want to read a wide variety of genres and authors that are given the “classic” nametag. Contemporary stories are often based on the old classic books, so why not read the originals? Yes I may struggle and yes in the older…

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