Choosing your next book


When you feel like this, what do you do?

Just how do you do it? How do you go about choosing your next read?

I have approx 40+ in my to read pile and am aware other bloggers have way more than that so just how does one take priority over a another?

Is it eeny meeny miny mo, do you have a deadline looming for a book tour you’ve committed to, this cover looks appealing or you like this title, is it driven by recommendations or mood inspired or do you read what’s current and what other blogger are discussing over social media?

It’s great that there are so many of us connecting worldwide, sharing thoughts and reviews on books.

However you decide, let me know and post a comment…happy reading and…keep-calm-and-choose-the-book


4 thoughts on “Choosing your next book

  1. Charl says:

    I have a ridiculous amount of books in my TBR pile. I try and see what kind of mood I’m in. Mainly I make a snap decision and vow not to change my mind, even if I no longer fancy reading the book.

    It is definitely tricky for somebody as indecisive as me!


    • bookboodle says:

      I do that as well, pick a book and try to stick with it. Most times I do, but there have been a couple of occasions where I’ve given up. Thanks for stopping by and commenting x


  2. ariannestclare says:

    I am a bit of a control freak. As much as possible, I like things to be organized. It also applies to when reading books. Every week or month, I base my readings on my mood or themes. For example, this month is for June brides so I read books that have wedding themes. Last month, I was into Fantasy or Fairytales. That way, I don’t have a hard time choosing my next book.


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