Book Review: Alice Brown’s Lessons in the Curious Art of Dating by Eleanor Prescott

Looking for love? Call in the expert. Alice Brown is a matchmaker extraordinaire. She has never, ever failed to find her clients the man of their dreams, and she doesn’t intend to start now. As she tells her clients: Life’s more exciting when you let yourself be surprised. But Alice’s latest client Kate is proving her biggest challenge yet. Kate is a on a mission: she wants the perfect man. Trouble is, Kate could find fault with George Clooney and reject Johnny Depp. Will Kate be the first client for whom Alice fails to find love? Truth is, Alice has failed once before – she is the one person who remains resolutely single. In helping Kate, will she finally learn to take her own advice too?

I was lucky enough to ‘win’ a signed copy of this debut novel on Twitter.  I use the term win lightly as it involved a tweet, a follow and crossing my fingers and here we are 🙂

I enjoyed this book, it’s a light hearted, fun but predictable read. It’s typical chick lit with some very likeable (and not so likeable) characters. The plot moves at a good pace,  there are no real surprises but I didn’t mind that.

I liked that each chapter is from a different character’s perspective, it gives a nice rounded view.

Alice loves her bike, her garden and seems to live in a cardigan and is super nice. The whole salary/job offer was a tadge unbelievable but you suspend your disbelief because she’s so nice! The Audrey and Sheryl clashes are quite amusing, both come out with the most awful put downs in the quest to be the best dating agency. I think most women will love John, he is too good to be true (I know, I know it’s only a book!!). Kate and Lou, even though best friends, they seem to be at polar opposites until Lou reveals she really wants what kate does but won’t admit it.  I relate to Kate’s character the most, although I’m not as obsessive to count days, months and years for my life plan, I understand where she’s coming from.

Read if you enjoy chick lit, romance and happy endings otherwise it won’t be your cup of tea 🙂

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