Call Yourself a Blogger…

It’s been quite some time since I wrote a “proper” blog post and it’s been on my mind an awful lot just lately.  Given I’ve been furloughed since April 6th I’d not found the motivation to write about anything, even though I’ve read and enjoyed many books, and I’ve often considered just deleting my blog altogether.

I lost my motivation for blogging around a year ago, it all felt like too much effort and I found other real life activities to occupy my time.  And then, I made a massive life-changing decision to apply for teacher training.  I know right, where did that come from?

In order to start the process I had to go back to college, two evenings a week, to study for my GCSE maths and English.  So, of course, this took up even more of my time.

The Get into Teaching website has a wealth of information and they allocated, free of charge, an advisor to help with my UCAS application. Mine advisor was Danielle, and she was great.  She looked through my personal statement and gave me some useful tips on how to improve it.

In February, I interviewed with the University of Wolverhampton and somehow managed to get offered a conditional place!  The interview itself was around four hours and involved a group discussion, a subject knowledge test, a maths and English test and an interview.  However, I feel like I got off lightly compared to the experiences of others.

My offer is based upon passing the university’s maths and English equivalency tests, which I fortunately passed in March just before lockdown, and completing an eight-week Subject Knowledge Enhancement course.

Then COVID-19 happened

My exams were cancelled for June – I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t massively bothered about being given a predicted grade.  I know I’d worked hard on both of my courses, completing all the homework and doing well in the mock exams.  One of my pieces is being used as an exemplar by my teacher! I should have taken the exams a couple of weeks ago and it does feel like I’m being given a free GCSE.

I’ll be starting a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in secondary English in September.  I’ve been advised that the course will be running, but I suspect its delivery will be somewhat different to previous years!